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  • 18, Jul 2022
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Classic Vacations Nepal is a Travel & Tour Company based in Kathmandu, Nepal run by a team of young and energetic travel guides experienced in adventure travel from 22 years. Classic Vacations Nepal always focuses on crafting the best and classic holidays in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. We create unique products and itineraries for our destinations, ensuring the top most quality services and safety trips.  

Trip safety and quality are our first priority. We always use local guides who are the most experienced personnel in the region you travel with, so they know nature, weather and environment, local culture and tradition, thus creating safe, comfortable and authentic travel holidays. 

Classic Vacations Nepal is a responsible Travel Company. We ensure zero impact for the nature, culture and the environment we travel. We conduct trips with policies that protect the nature, environment and local traditions and customs of the region. 

Classic Vacations Nepal is licensed from Nepal Government, department of tourism to cater for travel and tourism services in Nepal. We are active members of Nepal Mountaineering Association ( NMA), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal ( TAAN), Kathmandu Environmental Project ( KEEP), Nepal Tourism Board ( NTB) & Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) in Nepal. 

Why Travel with Classic Vacations Nepal !

Yes, Why travel with Classic Vacations Nepal? As you get hundreds of companies organizing tours to our destination, from the global market, why is Classic Vacations Nepal?. Here are some reasons why we are different from others.

Safety & Quality Trip

Trip safety & quality has always been our top priority at tours in Classic Vacations Nepal. We ensure that your health and safety is excellent on our trips. Classic Vacations Nepal uses quality accommodation, uses expert local guides and team, comfort transportation and provides fresh and hygienic foods at every trip to ensure you a great safety and quality trip. So, while traveling with us, you do not have to compromise for your safety and quality trip. 

Personalized Services & Customers Satisfaction

Classic Vacations Nepal focuses on providing personalized services to our every trip. Whether you travel privately or in a small group, we always ensure personalized services to every individual from our expert local guide and support team. We carefully design your itinerary with maximum degree of flexibility, ensure personalized services, and 100% customer satisfaction on every trip.

Private Or Small Group Travel 

You could choose to travel privately or in small groups departing with Classic Vacations Nepal. With us, you are free to choose to travel privately in your own group of friends or families, or travel with our small group departure at our scheduled dates and meet other travelers on trips from all over the world. 

Fun, Flexibility & Authentic Experience Travel 

Traveling with Classic Vacations Nepal, you have a full fun trip and flexibility. On every trip, we create fun travel, providing full flexibility to every individual to enjoy the trip at their best possible. We craft the itinerary that provides you an authentic travel experience at our local mountain community, culture, nature and Himalayas. So, with Classic Vacations, you travel as native locals. 

Book & Travel With Confidence

As you plan your lifetime vacations in Nepal, we understand how important it is to be able to book your Nepal Vacations with trusted travel professionals. Classic Vacations Nepal is a reputed travel & tour company in Nepal. Classic Vacations Nepal is authorized by the Nepal Government, licensed from the Department of Tourism in Nepal for catering travel and tours across the country. We are active members of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Kathmandu Environmental Project ( KEEP), Sustainable Tourism Network( STN). 

So, with us, you could book your trip with full confidence and stay worry free. Classic Vacations Nepal organizes the trips with safety first and quality services, so while traveling with us, you are in safe and professional hands. Classic Vacations Nepal is your second home away from home, so book and travel with confidence with us. 

Price Guarantee & Guaranteed Departure 

Ensuring safety and quality trips, our every package is most competitive in price and value. We are a full services company in Nepal. We create all inclusive tours. Either you travel privately or in a small group departure, once you are booked, your trip is guaranteed to run. 

If the trip cost increases thereafter you booked, your trip cost will not increase. You could travel with us at your trip booked price. So, you could book the trip with us in advance, lock the price and stay relaxed. 

Local Company In Nepal & Expert Guides 

Classic Vacations Nepal is an adventure tour company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Being a local company, we know our destination better than anyone else. We employ expert local guides and support teams to our trips so they know everything about the destination you travel with us, local nature and conditions, environment and weather conditions thus could ensure you a safe and great holiday always. 





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